Thursday, February 14

Happy "I Heart You" Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

It sucks when you actually have a valentine BUT he is away.

But I accept this will be the first of many other Valentine's day that R will be away.

The only comfort? We are each other's valentine for the rest of our freaking lives! 

How awesome is that!?! 

I don't have to care how I look like on Valentine's day, or fretting what I'm gonna wear.. cos R is not home. LOL! Plus, he has to accept it too! Whether I'm in my PJs, shorts & tee or apron.. HAHA, u ain't got any choice honey. *sticks tongue out*

Ok, enough.

As I'm typing this now, I've just completed my chores. Today, it's a 'I heart myself' day. I'm gonna burn my favourite scented candle, watch a movie on cable, drink tea and steal some of Sophia's delish waffle crisps (when she's naps)! After this, I'm gonna take a nice, warm bath and scrub all my dead skin cells out, wash my hair and tonight, I'm gonna soak my feet and slap on my clay masque. 

What a valentine's day! 

This happens when you're committed to a long-distance marriage. You feel so single all over again, except this time, you have a preschooler bursting your serene bubble every 10 minutes. (Thanks!)

Just for you hubby dearest..



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