Saturday, February 9

Happy Lunar New Year!

As we ring the bells to the Year of the Ssssnake.... Mothers' Avenue sincerely wishes all the (Chinese) readers the best in health and an abundance of wealth for your family. 

This year will be a pretty quiet CNY for me. R is not home for this new year.. plus this is the 4th year celebrating the festivity without my beloved maternal grandmother. Usually, the house will be filled with all sorts of goodies, we'll be busy filling up red packets and stocking up food for the first three days of the new year. Since her departure, CNY became pretty sombre, and mom and I would mostly reminisce the good ol' days. 

Here are some pictures of our knick-knacks to usher in the new year...

Reunion dinner was hosted by my dearest queen mother. My 3rd and 4th uncle came back for dinner and we had a simple family fare. 

Family Must-Have : Mom's "Lou Ngap" (Braised Duck)

Family Must-Have : Chicken Lotus Soup with Dried Oysters

Stir-Fry Seafood Mix (Sea Asparagus, Abalone, Pacific Clams + Straw Mushrooms)

Sambal Prawns

Godma Barbara, Lil'Sophia, 3rd Uncle Shamlal & 4th Uncle Ramlal (Mom's Brothers)

Somehow, the mood is different without my grandmother. But deep down, we know she's with us in spirit. Miss you ah-ma. Love you forever.

To my ever dearest most beloved hubby,

Xin Nian Kuai Le dear.. and I wish our little family the best in health and lots of love. We miss you very much back home and we can't wait to see you in April. Stay safe, stay sane (hahaha) and stay healthy. I love you so much, miss you dearly. *Muacks*

Sophia's latest "Goldfish" pose


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