Saturday, February 23

Last Saturday of the Month (February 2013)

My daughter is my world. I may reprimand her for her misbehaviour or punish her and put her on time-out when she gets out of hand but she's is no doubt my pride and joy. 

Mom and I brought her out this morning (she's recovering slowly from a bad cold) and we went to the playground in Northpoint, as well as visiting the library for the first time and I got her a library card! She was thrilled the moment she entered the library and picked out three books instead of six. We had a family bonding time without Daddy (managed to Skype with him before we head out) and I managed to capture her happy moments for Daddy! 

Sophia's KIMCHI moments! 
(instead of saying "cheese" for a shot, she says KIMCHI!)

She made a new friend at the playground!

At BakerzIn savouring Plain Waffles

At the library...

Did you have an awesome Saturday?
I sure did! 
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