Wednesday, February 27

Old School Drink

Hey lovely ladies (& men..) 

So I was grocery shopping at Sheng Siong @ Khatib with my mom & Sophia last weekend and as I was queueing at the checkout counter, I saw my favourite old school drink! 

Remember this?
(Sheng Siong Supermarket - SGD$4.90)

I used to chug this down during my secondary school days when I'm lazy to eat. I can't remember who drank this back then... I guess it was my late grandmother. So I would stir in a teaspoon of condensed milk and drink up. I remembered they only sold the plain old flavour in tin cans. In recent years they started selling in sachets.

So this stuff:
  • comes in a pack of 8 sachets
  • whole grain
  • low fat
  • higher in Fibre
  • has apple bits
  • drink turns slightly pinkish due to red beet juice powder
  • 116kcal (6% of an adult's GDA - Guideline Daily Amount)
  • 3-in-1
  • very lightly sweetened, close to unsweetened.

I stir in a teaspoon of Manuka honey into my cereal drink. I like it a tad sweeter (not diabetic sweet of cos!)

It's a refreshing warm beverage to have for mid morning & afternoon snack, if your mouth is itching for that high sugar fattening Oreo cookies. An alternative to coffee/tea if you're a caffeine addict like yours truly!! I'm not too sure if this is available in other local supermarkets. The price may vary at different stores. 

Enjoy a healthy cup of snack!

from The Momma

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