Friday, February 22

Single mother with a wedding band.

How many of you are like me, committed to a long distance marriage aka LDM? How have you been so far?

It takes alot of courage to be in a LDM. I've stopped R from working overseas for quite a while before finally letting him go this year. My reason, "I didn't marry you to be separated from you over a long period of time". 

I couldn't sleep for the first few nights. I wasn't used to the quietness in the room. The queen size bed *all by myself* (sings) and the snoring. I missed that horrendous snores of R. I remembered the first night, my eyes were puffy, I couldn't stop sobbing, I switched on the tv at 2am in the morning, zonked out. It's the first time, since 5 years, we're separated. The last time when were separated was when he was hospitalized for brain thrombosis. That 1.5 week ordeal was too much for a then-preggo to handle. But at least I religiously went to hospital to visit him. The separation now is just... sad. 

There are a lot of factors I have to go through during his absence which I'll be writing about over the next few weeks. It's been 20 days (as of today) and honestly, I miss R very much. We Skype frequently, but his laptop has no webcam and his work area is pretty remote so he can't get hold of a webcam.. so it's the "U-can-see-me-but-i-can't-see-u" situation. HAH! 

It is tough, but life goes on. My temperaments fluctuate immensely but I've gotta get a grip on myself. 

I'm the single mother with a wedding band. 


  1. Dear Ashley. My husband used to travel every week and coming home during wkends only. That was when my 2 kids were a baby and a young tot. He still travels often but as compared the the earlier years, its so much better. I can't compare myself to what you are going through now but I can relate. *hugs*

  2. Hi Adeline, thanks for your comforting words. My mom always tells me that I will eventually get used to it. But really? Getting used to it won't be good news, rite? So thankful for SMB. =)

  3. Dear Ashley, my hubby used to work in China for 3 years when my son was just born. That was 4 years ago so I can imagine what you are going through. Support each other and give words of encouragement, and ignore what others (including your own relatives!!) may say. I used to Skype to hubby with my son on my lap and put pictures of him on the wall.




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