Tuesday, February 19

Teeny Haul and Ugly Fruit

Seriously, who ever heard of Custard Apple?

I haven't, for sure.

Last night, Mom brought back some fruits from her client. Dragon fruit... chiku.. and then.. there it was, an ugly looking fruit.

Custard Apple ugly..?

When Mom told me that it is a sweet fruit, I went, "Yeah, how sweet?" She peeled off the scaly looking skin and there.. mushy white flesh popped out. 

Mom proudly holding on to the Custard Apple for me to take a snap of it.


This fruit has s*** loads of seeds! 

I was busy spitting the seeds cos it just fills up my mouth. Ok, I don't deny it's a really darn sweet fruit. First time in 29 years of my life. The sap of the fruit was too "lethal" for me as after savouring a new fruit, my lips was a little swollen-ish, like as if I went for a lip injection! Well, thank GOD it went off after.. 15 minutes or else, my lips would have turned into German bratwurst.

Some of you lovely mommies on SMB would have known by now that my little girl had a relapse of the sickening flu bug, 2nd time this month. She recovered for a week and there, the return of the flu bug. Her phlegmy cough suddenly became dry cough. She couldn't sleep the whole night and my poor mother who sleeps with her, was affected as well. My mom had migraine this morning and had to take MC. So we took Sophia back to her PD and got her new meds. Thank you SMB mommies for all your advices and support!! *MWAH*

So to make Sophia feel better, we brought her to Tanglin Mall (my favourite mall) to have lunch and get some stuff from the supermarket. I spotted Brown Rice Paradise and I had to get my feet (and wallet) in there as well. I'm a sucker for Gluten-Free food as I have gasto-intestinal issues since my secondary school days. I started eating occasional gluten-free food and I've gotta say, it does ease my gastro-intenstinal problems, unless I'm under stress, the horrific tummy spasms will come and haunt the daylights out of me. 

I tried to get my hands on Kale Chips but SOLD OUT! Hah! Another reason for me to go back to get me some Kale. *Ah-Ah-Ah* Nevertheless, Sophia gets extremely excited when sees me holding a shopping basket. As usual, mothers will always buy something for her kids, be it something fancy-shmancy or teeny. 

Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta SGD7.50 
Little Duck (Freeze Dried) Organic Fruits SGD7.50

Quote on the bag 
"Tiny Snacks for Tiny Humans" (Looks at Sophia and ponder...)
100% Organic Freeze Dried Mangoes & Strawberries

Only three ingredients? Too healthy. 

There are many (i mean, MANY) different shapes pasta. Super cute!!!

The freeze dried fruits comes in (about) 3-4 different "flavours".. Apples, Pineapples, Berries.. etc.. I love the packaging, comes in the Ziploc style pouch. Well, stuff there, NOT cheap. Oh what can you expect from an organic store? I will definitely be going back there to get more things.. FOR SURE! I bought the pasta cos' Sophia eats a lot of pasta. Creamy, soup & aglio olio. She enjoys her fusili (which she affectionately calls it Twirly Pasta) . I wanted to get Soba noodles there but it seems they don't have it ... or was I being just simply blind? 

Baby products, adults skincare, household items, etc.. all in that tiny shop. In case you're wondering where it is, Brown Rice Paradise is at Level 2, Tanglin Mall, beside Zeigler Shoes (lift lobby, just walk up the stairs from Level 1). 

So this sums up my Tuesday with my little girl & mom. Talk to you guys later! 

DISCLAIMER : Review on Brown Rice Paradise's items is non advertorial-based, no publicity intention and no monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are my own. 

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