Wednesday, March 20

A trip to S.E.A Aquarium (the wows, the uh-huh and the "oh-no-u-didnt")

Beginning of this month, I brought Sophia & mom to the S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa. It was truly a memorable experience although R wasn't around to go with us. We got the free tickets by Singtel cos' R signed up for the mIo cable tv. I was impressed by the overall tour of the place but not exactly wowed by every single thing I saw. 

We took the train from Vivo City and alighted at RWS station. It was quite a walk, with the murderous weather.. good thing I didn't have to queue for the tickets so we jumped right into the entrance and started the "journey". I was expecting the entrance to be somewhat similar to the original Underwater World but er.... it was much further than that.

Ok so basically, the "entrance hallway" that leads to the entrance of the oceanarium has an array of displays which somewhat explains some history of the old Singapore. Correct me if I'm wrong on that but that's what it seems like to me. It was like studying History in high school all over again. I couldn't possibly walk through each and every display because my daughter wasn't even 0.01% interested. All she wanted was the fishes and tunnel. We just walked right through the magnificence of the very meticulously "put together" displays. *SORRY*

So the excited child had to be coaxed to take some pictures but nevertheless, she wasn't disappointed the moment we got in to see the real deal...

Ok, so I'm not exactly the best person to give very detailed descriptions. However, the oceanarium is indeed breathtaking. There were lots of oohs, aahs and wows. I was awed by the beauty of the entire set-up. Click to read more about what you can see. My favourite "section" was the area where the different species of jellyfish were displayed. OOOH!!! It was GORGEOUS! BUT due to the insensitivity of my local Singaporeans who refused to move their heavy butts away for others to view, I couldn't take any pictures of it. 

The tunnel walk-through definitely looks waaaaaay better than the old Underwater World. It's brighter, longer and a wider space for walking. Definitely more species of sea creatures as compared to the old one as well. 

Will I go back there? No. Based on the fact that the tickets are far too expensive, IMO. Each adult ticket is priced at $29, and a child's ticket (4-12 years old) at $20. Yes, it's a tourist attraction and all that jazz but to walk through a place to see sea creatures? Uh-uh.. once is good enough. The beauty of it will be stuck in your mind for a long time. I'm willing to spend once. Even though my tickets were complimentary from Singtel, I personally won't pay so much. I'm not stingy or being frugal. It's not me typically. Plus the crowd inside there was unbearable. Everyone is crowding in each area for so long as just refuse to move even after five minutes. Even Sophia lost her zest after awhile due to the pushes and knocks. No one cares if there were kids walking. 

If you're an avid photographer, fair enough.. with all the swanky cameras & tripod stand? c'mon.. let others have a space to take a picture too right? I like photography, I don't own any fancy cameras, I'm using my digital camera BUT it doesn't mean I can't take pictures! I was shoved, pushed and was given murderous glares by our very own locals while I was trying to take a picture. SERIOUSLY?? Those with kids, either you build some muscles two weeks prior to your trip so that you can carry your kids throughout the tour or else, they are not going to see much. R wasn't around so I had no muscleman to help me out. 

Wear covered shoes or else risk some clowns stepping on your pedicured toes. Make sure your kids are with you at all times. I enjoy the last area of the aquarium where there's a huge podium for people to sit and watch the creatures doing their thing. WARNING: It can be quite frustrating if you're trying to just watch the creatures and you have some people in the midst of the crowd inside talking about what they had for breakfast and how much they hate the weather. 

Enjoy your time if you're going anytime soon! You will enjoy it.

from The Momma

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