Thursday, March 21

Ashley's Affirmation #6

What's in THE Moment?

Forgetting the reason behind each and everything we do is a norm. But to remember the reason for each and everything we do is kinda like a chore, don't you think? Like who really cares what's the moral of the movie made or why does the chef take so long to prepare my food? Being in THE moment reminds us to take a step back and remember why we did it at the first place. 

For example, my mom was rushed to the hospital by ambulance yesterday after bad rounds of puke and massive diarrhoea.  Because her body doesn't function like you and I, she needs to be cautiously aware of what goes into her body and how she keep herself healthy mentally and physically. So after the medics took her, I brought Sophia with me and we took a taxi to the hospital and spent the next half a day outside the A&E waiting. As I sat outside the cafe waiting for the doctor to speak to me, I asked myself what exactly happened. All I remembered was preparing a simple & healthy dinner for my mom the night before ; zucchini chips & pan-fried beancurd. I had leftover stew and Sophia had pasta. Then I thought hard and went through all the nitty-gritty details of her food, only to finally realise that it was too oily for her body to accept. Hence, all the puking and purging. I felt terribly guilty but my mom said it wasn't my fault to even begin with. 

Sitting with Sophia outside, waiting for my mother.. I made the wait a little more fun. I brought her across the street to McDonalds and bought her a Happy Meal. I spent time with her playing with the toy which didn't even make sense to me. I want her to know waiting for a loved one who's ill is NOT a chore but to show the love, patience & concern, especially if it's an immediate family member. I saw many impatient relatives of patients causing a ruckus because it was "taking a long time" and I was in THE moment where I know the doctor has lots to do inside the ER. Sophia started off restless and impatient until I sat down with her and explained to her what was wrong with my mom. She understood and after waiting for six hours, mom could leave. Sophia had shown love, patience and concern by waiting for her grandmother. That was the objective. 

That was the Eureka! moment for me for today's affirmation. 

Even with R working overseas, I had to tell myself to be in THE moment. Separation can be ultimately painful but it's a test for our love & patience. It's not giving ourselves the wrong excuses. It's to reassure ourselves that the situation is not as bad as what we think after all. To live in THE moment is to accept the situation. Make the best out of the situation. Life is made up of moments, but being aware of that and what happens in each one  enables us to escape - if only for a time - the emptiness and confusion that haste and disorder can create. 

Instead of just acknowledging the surface, why not dig deeper and find out more? Why is it one can't seem to save any money? Why is it one's marriage is just not working out? There are so many whys. Sometimes, it's also God's way of telling you to slow down. The next time you ask yourself a question, start from point A. What's the core cause of it? Sometimes, talking to another person who is more focus can present your answers to your understanding. Don't ask someone who is constantly hoping to see ur downfall. Ask someone you know who's constantly watching out for your happiness & well-being. 

Have a great week!

from The Momma 

Smile in THE moment. It feels a million times better.

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