Saturday, March 30

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

So today was pretty well spent as we celebrated my god-brothers' birthday in town this afternoon. 

Yes, we went to Beanstro at Takashimaya for the birthday lunch and if you're interested on my review on the restaurant, click here!

After lunch we went to Kinokuniya bookstore in Takashimaya where my beloved brother Raymond (in blue) bought Sophia three sketchbooks (same books in different sizes, S, M & L). I then headed to Art Friend and bought some art supplies cos' Sophia wants to "make daddy a t-shirt" so I bought a plain black tee, three fabric paint pens, a bunny & alphabets iron-on decals. 

After the teeny shopping, we headed to Wisma and had Starbucks.

No idea what they were talking about. 

Starbuck done, headed to dinner at Raffles City. No pictures cos' the crowd was massive plus the child got grouchy and refused to "KIMCHI" for me. We had a short rest at the Fairmont Singapore cos' Raymond and Shyon booked in there for a staycation for the weekend. Headed home after a long day.

Tomorrow's "agenda" will include doing up daddy's T-Shirt (will post an entry for Le Art & Craft) and cooking Mutton Curry for the husband who is going to be home on Monday. Overnight curry (esp red meat ones) tastes better!


I'm thrilled!

Gotta get some rest. Write soon!

from The Momma

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