Wednesday, March 13

Thank You All...

Hi lovely mommies & daddies

I just want to say a quick thank you to all of the comments and emails I received since I blogged about my recent major meltdown. I know it sounds emo & drama-mama but really, it was a time I needed to really put it out there because I know I'm not the only one going through this. Millions of mothers out there, be it full time mothers or working mothers.. they go through the same phase as I did.

I'm thankful for my mom, my bestie, my good friends and even though R is not with me physically, I know he's with me in heart & mind. As much as an independent & strong person I am, I do have my vulnerable moments as well...and this time it did hit the roof and I was really tormented inside. I'm not tormented as a mother, i'm just tormented by all the issues I had to deal with in a very short period of time. 

I'm getting better.. Sophia's behaving better too, after I broke down and cried in front of her one afternoon after a random naughty behaviour and she stopped misbehaving after that. I mean, she still does whine every now and then but I could still control that and she doesn't push my buttons unnecessarily. I hope I didn't scare her with my tears. I didn't like wail and cry like some psychotic mother gone mad.. just tears. I just sat at the bed and tear and that's when Sophia looked at me and she knew she had gone too far. Since then, she did not throw so much temper tantrums. I switched up my way of handling her after some prep talk with bestie KY and mom. It worked and I'm thrilled! 

Ignoring is now a good way for me to handle her attention-seeking temper tantrums. Other times I'll just use a positive open mind to handle her mischief. Instead of getting pissed all the time, I'll have to just let it go and remind myself that she's still a child and play along with her. Getting mad and upset doesn't solve my problem. It adds onto my stress which is enough to fry my brain cells.

Now, I just go with the flow. I maintain my firm hold as a mother and I do my best to be the mommy & daddy. It's tough, I know, but I can pull this off.

My journey ahead as a mother & a wife will be a toilsome one but with faith, family and friends,  this tough cookie will get through it.

from The Momma




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