Friday, March 8

The LDMP #2

I've started the Long Distance Marriage Project series and after talking about factor #1, factor #2 follows up...

#2 : As the time goes by, the loneliness creeps behind you faster than ticking time itself.

Yes. I admit that I hate being lonely. The fact that I'm an only child, makes the word loneliness even more detestable. But am I being immature by saying "I don't like to be lonely"? No, I'm not. It's an emotion that applied to all ages at certain times. There's nothing wrong with that. 

I won't feel this way for the first half of my day because I have chores and Sophia to "occupy" my time and keep me company. Once night falls, the loneliness creeps up. I enjoy 'me' time, no doubt.. but over the period of time, it gets worst. I'm not needy, I just don't like the feeling of loneliness, especially you know you have family, yet the feeling of loneliness just won't leave you alone. I'm not expecting the whole world to be around me. Mom always tells me "you cannot have the best of both worlds; to gain some, you gotta lose some". 

I constantly need some sort of communication. Human communication, with words and voices. Yes, I'm that sort of person. That's why Mom and I have fantastic communication. R and I have good communication too, since dating days till now.. we used to go for coffee time at the coffeeshop and we would just chat our night away. There's always some sort of topics to talk about, sometimes we would even debate on issues. 

I'm praying hard every single day that with this long distance marriage to commit, it won't ruin the good communication I have with R. 

I fear for that day.

from The Momma

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