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So many of you may be aware why I've been missing for quite abit... well, not for very long but for someone who blogs rather "religiously" will feel like it's been too long. I didn't switch on my laptop for a week and half, checking FB updates via my phone. I didn't even have the energy to blog from my phone. I just had no energy.

Well, dramatic April..

Hubby's home for the month (YAY!!) and we've been spending time together alot as a family. Especially during my mom's freak car accident. She was knocked down by a reversing car at a basement carpark at City Square Mall. She had a bad fractured ankle and open fractured big toe on her right foot. Both required surgery and now a metal plate is placed permanently inside her foot to align the broken bones together. To many, it looked like a simple superficial injury. She was left in the ER at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) with her wound exposed to germs and eventually contracted the MRSA bacteria and personally witnessed two foreign doctors arguing on how to treat my mom's injury. My mom, being a post-transplant kidney patient needs to take her immunosuppressive drugs on time. The doctors in TTSH told her that the hospital doesn't have the kind of meds she needed. I called her transplant coordinator and told her the news and she immediately called TTSH to make arrangements to transfer my mom to National University Hospital (NUH) for immediate surgery. Mom also suffered heart attack during the accident and had many ECGs done during her hospitalization.

Mom's been discharged for about three days and now I'm juggling with everything in the household. Thank goodness for R who helps out by keeping Sophia company when I need to sponge/bathe mom and attend to mom's needs. Mom can't put any amount of pressure on her right foot, plus her left foot's tendon is also injured because of her flat foot problem. Mom's life has evolved around hospitals and surgeries. As of date, Mom has gone through 15 surgeries. From two kidney transplants, to two hip replacement, hysterectomy, both feet bunions, gall bladder, appendicitis, caesarean, surgeries for her both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.. I think enough is enough. Mom jokingly told me each time she entered the Operating Theatre, she felt she was like a piglet entering the abattoir!

I'm proud to be my mother's daughter. She taught me strength, faith and perseverance. She took each pain as a form of love from God. Now that I've become a mother, I know how is it like be worried for my child and how is it gonna be for my child next time and all. I'm sure every mothers who read this will understand that feeling. 

Mom cried when she came home that day and kept on apologizing for making me so tired and busy, now that she has to fully rely on me for everything. Being a strong woman who has been through so much since she was a young girl, she felt lousy for once. I told her it was okay and it's my duty to do whatever I can, now that I have the chance to fulfil my duty as her daughter. Looking back, we went through as mother and daughter. I had made her life miserable for a period of time and it's time for me to repay my sins, maybe? 

I'm grateful that R's home for the month and I have some help. Once he returns to work, he won't be home for a year and I will have to handle everything on my own. This is how it is being the only child. We're hiring a lawyer to fight for my mom's compensation. Doctor said she will only recover at least in 6 mths time.. hopefully shorter period. She may or may not have walking problems. She leaves everything in the hands of God.

It's a family's wake-up call to be more careful and vigilant... we cannot take things/situations for granted. Now hubby carries Sophia the moment we reach any carparks. I still get nightmares of what I'd witnessed. I thought I would lose my mom that instant. If I hadn't hit on the driver's car at the rear, Mom would have been no more. I almost punched the driver in his face because all he could say was "I didn't see your mom walking." Thank God I didn't, or else I'll be charged!

This Mothers' Day will be a rather homely affair as mom will not be able to walk around. She will be on wheelchair for a few months. But I thank the Lord that I'm able to spend Mothers' Day with her afterall. My mom, my hero, my pillar of strength.

My apologies if my write up seems a little all over the place. Still recovering from the exhaustion. Thank you to SMB mommas for all your well-wishes and prayers for my mom. Love you all so much! 

I won't be blogging that much for a while, as I'll be very busy with mom. I will try to push for one entry before end of this month. 

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  1. how can the driver not see your mom when he was reversing!? goodness me!

    wishing your mom speedy recovery!

    1. Well babe, that's what he said! Ridiculous isn't it?! Thanks!




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