Friday, May 31

Flashback Friday #2 / Parent-Teacher Conference

My first PTC was with Sophia's Playgroup teacher, about the same time last year. Recalling what her PG teacher told me, I looked at my daughter and I had a proud mommy moment.

Sophia started speaking weeks before she started Playgroup after she turned 2 years old. I have to give props to her Playgroup teachers and environment and I will forever be grateful to them for being part of Sophia's foundation years.

By the way, that's my senior in secondary school, my lovely Pearle.

Yesterday I met up with Sophia's N2 teacher, Ms Angie and again, I had a proud mommy moment. 

Me : So how did Sophia fare for Semester 1?

Teacher : Well, as you can see from her portfolio, she scored perfect points. It took me awhile to actually evaluate her. She's the only student who scored perfect points for this semester. 

So as I look closer at all the ones she checked "P" for "Perfected", I was also taken aback. I asked her if it meant she had nothing to say. Oh wait, she had something to say.

Teacher : Sophia takes a very long time to eat her snacks and often missed 5-10 minutes of her Mandarin lessons or Motor Skills class. She is especially slow with yoghurt. We encourage healthy eating, but she is too slow. 

Me : A-Ha! She takes after me. I ate extremely slow too, when I was at her age. 

Did i just say that?

Ok, I put a little blame on myself. Since young, I make sure she finishes up her food before she can leave the table. So it's instilled in her that she has to finish whatever she's eating before leaving the table. 

Me : So what about her Mandarin lessons? Any issues?

The feedback I got was, she's able to recognize her shapes and is able to name them in Mandarin. However, she can't really speak Mandarin, and even if she tries a word or two, she sounds "Kan Tang" - (Potato). Which means, she sounds like a Caucasian kid, trying to speak Mandarin. It's not my fault! I speak to her in Mandarin, albeit my inability to read because I did not learn Mandarin in school! I even threw in some Hokkien, Cantonese and even Bahasa to her! She could understand Bahasa better than Mandarin. Now..... her father on the other hand, is supposedly in-charge of guiding her in the Mandarin department. So what did the man do? Nothing. He continuously speaks to her in English. So who's fault is it now? *rolls eyes*

On the whole, I'm very pleased with my daughter's performance in school. I just want her to enjoy the learning process. I want her to love school and not give me thousand and one excuses to skip school. I thank God for blessing my little girl in school.

OH! Sophia's also chosen to represent her class for the Nee Soon Central Zone Storytelling / Nursery Rhymes competition. Now that's another proud mommy moment! 

But, my nightmare begins. June Holidays.

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  1. hehe. PTC, mine's next weekend. omg! my boy's chinese also.... hahahaha! cos my chinese isn't very good to begin with! LOL!!

    thanks for linking up!

    1. you're from girls' school too right? it's typical of those from single-sex schools to have Mother Tongue issues! LOL! Blake's PTC will be fine!! U will have a proud mommy moment too!!

    2. yes! girls' school for 11 years! hahahahaha!!! i hope so!




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