Friday, May 10

In a mother's mind

Mother's Day is just around the corner!

Honestly, I didn't prepare anything for my mom this year, most probably I'll cook something nice for her this year. We can't go out this year so it is going to be a homely affair. But I think my best Mother's Day gift from hubby this year is that he isn't going to work abroad anymore! After much consideration, especially with my mom's recent accident, he has decided to stay put in Singapore and continue working here and be by our side. Is that an awesome Mother's Day gift or what!!

This year, my god-siblings will be coming over to whip up a meal. I'm wondering what will be on the menu... *stress* For me, I love family/friends gathering. I love sitting around in the living room and chat, laugh or watch a DVD. However, every year on Mother's Day, my mom will be a tad emotional my late grandma passed away a few days after Mother's Day in 2009. 

Now that I'm a mother myself, I look at many things at a different perspective. I don't conform to typical mindset of what mothers "should" look like or behave. Every mother has a life. Every mother has a story. Every mother has the right to live the way they want their life to be. Even if we feel other mothers are making the wrong choices in life or sending the wrong message to others, we should not judge because we are not perfect either. We look perfect to others, others look perfect to us. Motherhood can became a controversial topic worldwide. We have parenting/motherhood Asian style, Western style.. (or Gangnam Style, if you want) and even the Middle East style. Who's right, who's wrong? What's right, what's wrong?

In my world and understanding of motherhood, every mothers, every set of parents has their own right to parent their child/children in whatever way they want. I use a mix of Asian and Western in my parenting and so far, it has done me more good than bad. That's just my way. To others, I'm too strict towards Sophia but that's how I feel it will benefit my child in the future. Some also commented that I'm not proud to be a Singaporean because I don't allow my girl to speak Singlish. Now ladies, why should I allow my little girl to speak Singlish in the first place? If your child speaks it, that's the story of your life. I was an English teacher myself and if I don't speak Singlish to my students, why should I speak Singlish to my daughter? Might as well you ask LKY to speak Singlish, isn't it? As much as I don't understand many parents' mentality towards parenting, as long as it ain't abusive, I won't stop you or judge you. I may rant for a bit, but ultimately, the child belongs to you. 

Of course, as mothers, we have our own moms., and we should not just remember them on Mother's Day. We should remember them every single day. Our folks did what we are doing for our kids now. Our folks may not have the luxury of what we can afford now. We should always remember and be grateful to them. Without our moms, we will not be a mom today. 

Never forget the pair of hands that fed you. It's that same pair of hands that embraced you when you're happy or sad. It's that wrinkly pair of hands that you see now that hit you for misbehaving. It's that same skinny (or meaty) pair of hands that clapped for you when you did well in school. Karma exists. Love them when you still can. 

When I look back at my actions towards my mom, all I remembered was I wasn't the best daughter to my mom. Growing up, I was a hot mess. I didn't go home. I stayed out over the weekends. I hung out with friends whom I knew were not right for me. I worked and never gave anything to my mom. Everything was going downhill for me until I met R. Now that my mom's injured, God has arranged for me to stay home and look after her. I'm thankful that I am spending alot of time with mom and I can repay her in all I can for all that I made her go through last time. 

Happy Mother's Day, Ah-Ma. You're still in our hearts and we miss you dearly. We wish you were still here with us.

Happy Mother's Day to all my SMB mom bloggers! You babes are the best! Motherhood has gone to a whole new level with all of you cheering on one another. 

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers from all over the world. Thank you for your kind emails. 

Happy Mother's Day Mommy.

I love you all so much!


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