Sunday, June 2

Affirmation #8 | Live It Up

Before marriage, I was a free-spirited, happy-go-lucky, 'live-for-myself' kinda person. On the other hand, I had a foul temper.

After marriage, I became quite a different person. I'm short-tempered. I'm easily frustrated & I keep things to myself. I can be happy for a minute. The next minute, BAM. 

Oh, I become an extremely controlled freak. I just want everything to be my way. I get very flustered when things don't go well. I get very frustrated when I see things not done. I get so burned up in anger when no one gets my point. 

The problem here, I don't speak up. I feel that if I do, something's gonna happen. Something massive.

How long can this go on? 

For the record, I'm not blaming my marrige for all these changes, I may not have the perfect husband but I'm contented with what I have in my marriage. While I envy others, others eny me. But there again, everyone has a different POV on a happy marriage. A happy marriage and blissful family doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a speck of problem brewing within.

Every household has their own set of 99 problems. I have mine as well. 

Last night, I recalled my past & I chuckle. 

"Man, how did I survive that crap?"

But I did. And good things followed on.

Now that I have 896359 problems on my plate, will I survive this plate of crap?

| Take Home Message |

It's not about getting there. It's what you learn through the steps you take to reach that finishing point.  It's how you mature through each phase in life. Life is tough, no one says it's gonna be easy. But once you get to the end, you look back at all the obstacles and you will feel really good about it. It's always easy to help others. It's never easy to help yourself. Even if no one supports you, the Almighty one is watching over you.  He can't physically help you now, but He is preparing you for future obstacles. 

No matter how things go for me now, good or bad, I will take it like a man and persevere. I know I cannot give up, otherwise, I'll be letting myself down. No matter how choked up I get  with each passing day, I have to live with it and just go on. 

Because I know, someday when I look back...

"Man did I survived that crap again!"

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  1. It's never easy and sometimes even me feel like giving up to. I'm sure that you be able to survive :)

    1. Yes Dom! Ure right! NEVER EASY! Thanks for your supportive words! *mwah*




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