Tuesday, June 25

Back To Work | My thoughts

Since the birth of my little girl, I have always been working. 

Six months ago, I stayed home to look after my little one and was a homemaker. 

Yesterday, I officially became a Full Time Working Mom (FTWM).

And no, I didn't head back to Education industry. 

I threw myself into the deep deep sea - Events.

I've always been interested the whole events management jazz.. just that I don't have the confidence. I've always been in my comfort zone which is basically teaching. 

Surprise anyone? So why did I take that plunge?

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that many things happened for the first half of 2013. The main reason I head back to the workforce is because I have another responsibility - my mother. Since her accident, it has become quite tough for her to head back to the workforce. Age, health and energy. As she gets on in her years, her health and energy level doesn't allow much room for options. After dicussing with her and R, we agreed that I should head back to work while she looks after my little girl. It was not an easy decision for her as she has always been the working sort. Fast forward, I needed something flexible, 5-day work week, CPF contribution, medical benefits and etc. I could easily head back to my comfort zone but I had to venture further than that. So my best friend offered me a position in the company she's working for, Voilamedia International Events & Artiste Management and help her out as she needed extra pair of hands. After hard consideration, I took up the offer and started yesterday (24.06). 

I don't deny I miss working very much. But after being a housewife and a full time mother to my girl, I loved it too. Despite gallons of sweat & tears being a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM), I enjoyed every bit of it. Now that I'm back to work, I miss my little munchkin. Well, she's absolutely thrilled that I'm working because she's "free" from my clutches. No one to say a big fat "NO" into her tiny face just makes her day! (LOL!) 

In my new job, there will be times that I have to work late. If I had this job when I was younger, I would probably mismanaged my life. The only downside of my job right now is if I have to work late, I will miss my little girl so much that guilt will overpower me. But I know I need to work to help out R to have a much better future for our family. I cannot be selfish and have R to slog away for all of us. It's not Ashley's style.

To Mom:
I know you're not a fan of me in the Events line but hey, I can't be stuck in my comfort zone for the rest of my life. I have to move on. You need to trust that I'm no longer like those days, young and immature. I know what I'm doing and I will not do anything to hurt my family. All I need is your prayers for me, your faith in me and your energy to look after the little drama queen. Don't have to worry about your medical or anything, leave it to me and I will take care of it. I've never taken care of you much since I started working 12 years ago, it's finally time for me to do my duty as your daughter. Thank you for staying home to take care of Sophia. I truly appreciate it.

The transition from a SAHM to a FTWM ain't easy. My husband don't earn a huge bulk that's enough for me to stay home and shake my long legs. Plus, I'm not that sort who sole depends on the hubby to bring in ALL the bacon. I kinda like to earn my own dough and buy things with my own hard earned bucks. That's just me. I don't just take the plunge without serious thinking. As much as I'm not a fan of the corporate world, such is life and I have to suck it in and say cheese. 


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  1. I'm in opposite situation. I'm going to convert from FTWM to SAHM. I know I will miss work.
    Hey, all the best. Somehow, things will work out. :)




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