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Happy 4th Birthday Baby! - Part 1 PLUS Interview/Review of Vainpots Apparels

24th July was my little princess's birthday and we had two mini celebrations for her. One was with the family and on the actual day itself, with her classmates.

I ordered through my friend a customized tee from Vainpots Apparel for Sophia's birthday. Eventhough it was just a simple plain white tee with rhinestones, I was an extremely satisfied customer. Their service was excellent, prompt and reliable. Last minute I had to add the "daddy's princess" on the tee and without any issues, they did it. I was thrilled when the person sent me the finish design through Whatspp! So as a satisfied customer and something I know my readers would be interested, I contacted Nicholas, founder of Vainpots Apparel and did an interview with him. Being the cheerful person he is, he took some time off his busy work schedule and agreed to the interview. 

This interview is solely based on my own decision. No monetary compensation was offered for this feature on my blog. 

Hi Nicholas, thank you for taking time to do this interview with me. Please share with us, how did Vainpots Apparel started and what made you name the company Vainpots?

Vainpots Apparel first started its retail operation back in 2006, Our first Shop was in Holland Village, the iconic windmill shopping mall. During then we started ladies apparels & simple Rhinestones Customization for ladies who walk in with their own tops or bottoms, e.g. Jeans or Denim Jacket. Due to restructuring of our business model, which online business is on trend and it kinda affected our retail line, we diversify to solely taking online orders and word by mouth recommendation/referral. Rhinestones Customizing mainly for ladies tee, and slowly diverting to focus on kids recently, the branding concept behind Vainpots is simply because Vainpots is a good description to label a lady who loves to look good, a woman's natural ability.

I am aware that besides apparels, Vainpots also cater to other needs. Can you share with us what else Vainpots provide?

In June 2013, we ventured into cosmetics business. Importing products that are tried & tested by the partners of this company. As I mentioned early about Vainpots Branding, certainly cosmetics are part of the package to be vain... lol... For Vainpots Cosmetics, we only import the best products that are comfortable, convenient, easy and good to use. and guess what? At Vainpots Cosmetics, we are specialize in merchandising False Lashes, with the expertise of our make-up artist, we will be able to advise which type suits our customers the best to save their trouble from buying many different types just to trial & error. Do check out our Facebook page on Vainpots cosmetics.

What were your objectives when you started Vainpots?

I always have the passion in Fashion & Beauty Business and seeing your customers putting on your merchandise, especially those customized tees really makes one feel terrific. 

Thank you for customizing my daughter's birthday tshirt! She loved it and didnt want to take it off. Share with us your experiences with your very first customer and how was the turnout?

Thank you so much. Our very first customer. A gentleman walked in to our shop and requested for a "Devil's Spear" to be customized on his black denim jacket, and we eagerly accepted that order as we felt it will be a very good exposure. When I first handed the jacket over to the customer, trust me, my hands were sweaty to the core and heart pumping at its fastest speed, thinking what would this customer feel about the workmanship! So when the darkest thoughts were flying around my thoughts, this man voiced up! "Oh My God!!  You guys are amazing!!" However, the biggest regrets now, is not remembering to take a picture of that devil's spear for memory sake.

Do Vainpots Apparel ship internationally?

Honestly, we have not received any international orders yet. But we will definitely be more than happy to accept any orders if our designers can manage.

Besides "blinging" tshirts, will you be able to design based on customers' vision?

I will try my best to customize which ever design my client provide. At times, due to some difficulties such as narrow bends of the graphic or any other challenging aspects, we will always advise our customers either a change or other alternatives. If you were to browse through our website, you will notice a few design e.g. Apple Design, Artistic Heart Shape Design and etc.. Those are good examples of clients' submission. At this point in time we only want to focus on what we do best, which is still Rhinestones Cutomization.

How long does one order take?

An order usually takes about a few hours to complete as they are really all hand made, except for the ironing part.

What is so different about Vainpots Apparel as compared to other companies that does similar customization?

We notice the majority of the market's customization business are into printing. Honestly ,there isn't many companies in Singapore which is into this customization, others are mainly buying standards motifs which are easily available in retail outlet to iron it on themselves.

Where do you see Vainpots Apparels five years from now?

As I mentioned earlier, we would like to put in more focus in our kids segment as we really gotten in hundred percent positive feedback from our customers who had ordered from us. Stay tuned to our testomonies tap on our website. Our vision in 5 years time... to be able to conduct classes for children age 3 and above to do their own customization and I think that will be really cool.

How can interested customers contact you?

For interested customers, they can always reached us on our websiteFacebook or drop us an email.

Thank you Nicholas and yes, here are some pictures of our family's mini celebration...

YAY! Another family picture! Please excuse some legs and body features. LOL!

Happy Birthday my dearest sweetheart. Mommy loves you so much.


(Part 2 will be up next week!)

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