Wednesday, July 31

Happy 4th Birthday Baby! - Part 2 | Reviews and Everything else!

Oh! It's August tomorrow! How fast time flies?! HELLO? 

As promised of a Part 2 of my Little Missy's birthday, it wasn't even a huge bash to even begin with. It was a cosy affair with family. This year, Sophia had two celebrations, one at home, the other in school for the first time. I ordered Sophia's cakes for her classmates from Delcie's and I had mixed reactions from adults and children. 

I asked Delcie's to customized a rainbow swirl icing for the 35 cupcakes I ordered. They did it very subtlely and it was beautiful, in my opinion tho. Let's break it down to hits and misses..

The cupcakes were not sweet as it's a healthier choice range and for me, I'm not a fan of overly diabetic induced cakes/pastries. 

Chocolate cupcakes with Rainbow Swirls 
35 pieces @ SGD238

See the facts?

When one hears about all the facts, the instant reaction? "Then it's not cake anymore!" I beg to differ though. It actually tasted good. I enjoyed the rich chocolate flavour and right in the middle of the cupcake, there's this chunk of chocolate piece, feels like dark chocolate! It wasn't overly sweet and the icing was very light with a tinge of sweetness. It was very well done. I know not many people will agree with me but well, one man's meat is another man's poison. Good service from Lam, the one who corresponded with me via email and the service staff at the outlet itself (Upper Serangoon Branch) was polite and helpful - which is very important to me! 

Because I had to collect it myself (delivery charges is not worth for 35 pieces of cupcakes) so they had to bake it in advance and freeze it for me. I had to "thaw" it in the fridge for the next day's mini-party. The staff at the outlet did mention to warm it up in the oven if I can so that the cake will be moist and it will taste better. I recently tossed out my oven cos it died tragically on me so I couldn't warm it up. I took one to eat when it was still cold and the cake was a little crumbly and tasted a little weird. However, the next day, after taking it out 3 hours before the mini-party, the cake taste much better and richer and it didnt crumble. So I guess if it was warm, it would have been awesome. 

Overall, Sophia's birthday was a success. I am very pleased with everything. From the customized tee from Vainpots Apparel to the Delcie's cupcakes. Also, the Pocoyo designed cake my sister for the family gathering, thank you to my family who made this birthday a memorable one. 

Let's countdown to her 5th birthday!


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