Friday, July 5

We're halfway there!

IT IS JULY!!!!! We're halfway there!

Nono, those exclamations up there are not filled with excitement.. It's more like.. hmm.. "oh-no..."

So this is a very special month as it is my little love's birthday month! That's the only event which excites me. I love the whole planning and then watch her smile the moment she sees her beautiful cake! 

Usually, parents will prepare goodie bags for their kids' classmates. This year, I didn't prepare any bags. I've ordered cupcakes from Delcies for her classmates and teachers. I'll throw in a kids' juice or something and that's it. Firstly, I've just started my new job and i've been busy. Secondly, I want to break away from the norm of goodie bags and so the cupcakes and juice idea comes along. It is not a new kind of idea, but to me it's the most practical idea. I discussed with R and he agrees it is a good idea. 

As for a family celebration, my sis has ordered a cake for her and yes, I will not reveal what is it as yet! I will do a post birthday celebration blog entry when it's o-v-a-h! As much as I would LOVE to do a big party, let's keep that massive party when she's 7 alrite? 

I like family gatherings and so we will just have a small get-together at home, and maybe order some food or something along that line. I'm still in the midst of planning. 

Anyone out there with some ideas? How did some of you parents out there celebrate your kid's fourth? I'm kinda running out of ideas!!

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