Friday, October 11

Affirmation #9 | A choice to voice out

Herro ladies on Mothers' Avenue...

Voicing out your opinions is definitely a choice of every individual. I know many many MANY people who would rather keep mum about their feelings than ruffling another person's feathers. I'm still struggling with voicing out my opinions and feelings, a personal struggle I go thru every single day, be it at work, home or with friends. It's ok to struggle with it, but you must try to walk out of it. 

Especially mothers with kids, we struggle with our kids in their growing years. It's something we can never avoid. People around us may not understand how we parent our kids, and we may drown into other people's comments and unnecessary opinions on how to look after OUR children. Been there? 

What I want to say is, there is always a first step to everything. Our babies take their first step to walk that one jiggle wobbly step and we clap with so much pride as if they ran a marathon so why can't we take that one step too? It may be uncertainty within, but we have to let others know that we take charge of our lives and not live in others' shadows. 

Sharing with someone you can depend on is the best way to start. It can be your spouse, mother or even your best friend. (I would recommend not talking to your beloved puppy because poor guy would be pissed off that you're feeding information that it does not require from you.) You may not need their advices, just a listening ear. If it is about work, speak to your superior on how you feel towards a certain task. Truth always hurts because it is reality. It's better to speak the truth rather than conforming with everyone else and be given a chance to start a lie. When the truth is spoken, there will be a group of people that will not support your voice. That is okay! You are answerable to your life, you are in control. Live life with clear conscience and you will be a happier person inside out. Our children look upon us as role models from Day One so we have to keep it together for the sake of our sanity.  

Have a fantastic weekend ladies! Sending you all the love and virtual hugs!



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